Grapple Attachment

The Hydra-Clip 16″ tree shear with grapple is the ultimate thinning tool. Capable of handling 16″ trees the tree grapple is a great tool for precision fence line cleanup or residential tree removal. The Hydra-Clip with tree grapple makes short work of the most dense forest by not having to move twice.

  • Heavy duty dual grapple arms
  • Full spiral cut hinge pin grease relief technology
  • Works from standard shear hydraulics
  • No electronics required
  • Full adaptable to any Hydra-Clip 16″ model
  • Bolt on and off design for removablility
  • Available for 16″ Hydra-Clip only
  • 450lbs Grapple weight
  • 2150lbs Hydra-Clip with grapple
  • 57″ tall with grapple
  • 16″ capacity
  • 2″ welded grapple cylinder
  • Wire mesh for protection and visibility
  • Hidden hydraulic cylinders & hoses for maximum protection
  • Hydraulic pressure reducing valve to control clamping force