Hydra Clip

The Hydra-Clip is our 16″ series tree shear. The Hydra-Clip is simply state-of-the-art. With technological advancements in every aspect of life, why not tree shearing. With state-of-the-art technology like true flush-to-the-ground cutting, and extended tips for larger than capacity cuts, the Hydra-Clip is unrivaled and unmatched. Perfect for all types of pasture reclamation and heavy trimming, the Hydra-Clip will make wide open pastures of even the most dense forest.
  • 1550 Lbs
  • 76″ wide
  • Cuts 16″ tree in one cut!
  • 4″ chrome hardened main hinge pins cross cut for maxiumum grease coverage
  • Dynamically engineered cylinder angles from maximum power
  • 5″ Cylinders with 3″ shaft
  • Full frame wrap around design
  • 3″ solid steel jaws
  • Extended tips for larger cuts
  • Flush mounted bolts on the bottom of the blades
  • True flush-to-the-ground cutting ablility
  • 10 gallon internal chemical tanks
  • Hoses routed through special tubes for extra protection
  • Extra strong mounting plates
  • Viewing window for full sight at cutting edges